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Our Story

Are YOU in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price from a great local restaurant? If so, then we are the perfect destination for you. We offer fantastic meals to our diners that can be enjoyed anywhere. Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience.

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Ryker Z

This is surely one of the best place to eat in the neighborhood. Anytime I come to this place I am exceedingly pleased. They keep their high standard service and the topmost level of meals they offer. You can never go wrong with this place. Warmly recommended.

Troy White

I have been ordering from Chen's for many years now. Super friendly service. The food is the best!! Excellent place to grab some food when in a hurry. Their service is efficient, pricing is reasonable, awesome character. Would recommend to others.

Michael K Clark

This was my third visit, and again, it was fantastic. I've had the udon with shrimp, Mongolian chicken, and chicken with peapods and water chestnuts. I would order any of those three again, but I'm inclined to continue to explore their menu.

Theo Sutton

Very good crab Rangoon, most places skimp on the filling but this was very full. I also got the sweet and sour chicken, which I normally don't get, but I'm glad I did with this restaurant. Would recommend everyone try it.

Maciej Walkowski

Chens is great local Chinese Takeout.( They do have a dining area also) Food is always consistently good, and prices are reasonable. My first time eating here and the food was delicious! Ordered pepper steak and it was so good, steak was so tender!

Damari Dixon

I adore this spot! They give superb food, their menu is large, The cook in that spot is a real pro, I like very much tasting all their food. The food is always tasty, the service towards the customers is agreeable. I go often to this place and I not even once was unhappy.